It’s a Great Day for Learning

Bill Lindauer (1951-2015) was an educator who exemplified passion, compassion, positive energy, creativity, joy, and humor in teaching. Over a 25-year career in the Cache County School District, Bill taught at Wellsville Elementary and Cedar Ridge Middle School, and was principal at Providence Elementary and Nibley Elementary.

As a principal, Bill was very sensitive to the fact that new teachers frequently used their own money to equip their classrooms and provide innovative and enriching materials to stimulate children’s learning. He was also particularly interested in helping beginning teachers with whatever they needed to get off to a good start in their career. This meant helping them find their place in the school community, and acquiring the teaching and learning resources needed for their classrooms.

This award is intended to provide a new teacher with the opportunity to enhance his or her classroom environment in a way that will engage students and foster their excitement about learning.

A much-loved educator, Bill epitomized the personal and professional criteria listed for this award. Above the entrance to his last school, Nibley Elementary, Bill’s motto proclaimed, “It’s a Great Day for Learning”.